Grace Gleanings

Legalism Versus Grace

If you want to see where you are concerning gracious interactions with others, compare your responses with the statements below:

Legalism says, “I can”; Grace says, “Lord, You can.”

Legalism says, “I want”; Grace says, “Lord, Your will be done.”

Legalism says, “Be like me”; Grace says, “Be like Jesus.”

Legalism says, “What took you so long?”; Grace says, “Glad you’re here.”

Legalism dwells on the past; Grace lives in the present.

Legalism can’t leave “you shall not”; Grace emphasizes, “you shall.”

Legalism says, “Why did you do that?”; Grace says, “Can I help you.”

Legalism reminds you of man’s worst; Grace reminds you of God’s best.

Legalism takes control; Grace surrenders to God.

Legalism is based upon pride; Grace is based on humility.

Legalism says, “Look at me!”; Grace says, “Looking unto Jesus.”

Legalism says, “I did it”; Grace says, “Look what God did!”